Amplification course cover by Justin Jackson


Do you have a blog, landing page, or web site that’s not getting traction? Looking to build a larger audience?

As featured in Inc. Magazine: “The secret to building a high trafficked blog”

Creating great content isn’t enough; to get it seen by thousands, you need amplification.

“I bought Amplification on January 27, 2014. On February 5, my first submission to Hacker News peaked at #6 on the front page. That 90 minutes of exposure brought 4,973 visitors to my site over the next 24 hours.”
– Philip Morgan, Consultant

Learn the basics of content marketing as Justin shares his experience with viral posts like This is a web page and shows you real stats from his website. He also covers whether it’s worth using Medium, and how to build your own platform. You’ll also learn the steps for amplifying your posts to bigger audiences.

“After reading Amplification and the Hacker News Handbook, I was able to get 2 articles on the front page of Hacker News in one week.”
– Andy Parkinson,

Package includes a 50 page PDF eBook + The Hacker News Handbook PDF + 4 videos + Excel worksheet + bonus materials.

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